The emerging leader is young, connected, relational, dauntless, and ambitious. When that is packaged within a Kingdom context, we begin see the next generation of influencers who are creating innovative ways of advocating and advancing the truth. My desire is to help leaders lead from a place of authenticity and creatively navigate their own leadership process.



If I had a dollar for every time I heard these words come out of the mouth of a leader, I would...actually...I WOULDN'T be writing this blog right now. I would be sitting on a beach somewhere on my own private island sipping iced caramel macchiatos paid for with all the dollars I made from leaders who said they didn't know "how to do" what needed to be done.

I have a confession: I'm one of those leaders, too. 
In fact, the words, "How do I do this?" ring through my head more often than the answer to the world's problems. If you're like me, then you know what it's like to feel burned out, without recourse, and like your last great idea was, well, the last great idea you'll ever have. And while many leaders take this to be truth and hang up their leadership as they walk out of the doors of their ministries and organizations, there's something that keeps me from doing just that.


They're the guys who refuse to believe that their calling is tied to a temporary circumstance. The guys who, when everyone else says it hasn't been done, simply do it. I first noticed this in tenured emerging leaders who were still relevant to a culture-changing demographic. As I approached my initial struggles, I looked at these guys and thought to myself, "They have been where I am now, and they're still here. If they figured out a way to make it through, then so can I." Then I got creative.

Why? Because my current way of thinking got me to the place I was stuck in and that same thinking wasn't about to bail me out. I began searching outside of my job description. I started looking at strategies from leaders in every area of the marketplace. I started listening to podcasts from CEO's of major organizations along with TED talks. I began to surround myself with people who didn't think like me and who challenged me on every idea and thought. Most of all, I doubled my time in the Word of God. 
Eventually, the path appeared and I took it, developing a new creative strategy on leadership along the way.

Sometimes the answer isn't found in looking how others have "done it," because chances are, they haven't been where you're about to go; and while you can draw inspiration from those who have gone ahead of you, there is still the chance to find a new way to get the job done.

After all, we've been created in the image of a creative God; let's do everything we can to look like Him.