Moving Mountains

I have an addiction. I’ll admit it.

Every time the Olympics comes on TV my life automatically gets put on hold as I fire up my coffee machine to perpetually brew non-stop for the next 17 days as I do everything I can to catch every minute of the Winter Olympics 2014…except for ice skating and curling. When those two events are on, I sleep, but I digress. My obsession left me wondering why I was so glued to the TV screen, and for that matter, why millions of people from around the world were doing the same?

Here's the answer...

One of the most important reasons millions of people put their lives on hold to watch the Olympics is because it’s one of the last great places where people refuse to settle. As I look around our culture today, every area of life is filled with mediocrity. We settle for a lot of reasons—the need to be liked, laziness, insecurity and sometimes, oddly enough, pride and arrogance. But whatever the reason, I honestly believe it's tearing apart the fabric of our society and keeping us from moving mountains that stand in our way: Mountains of fear, addiction, depression, worry, grief, and every other vice we can imagine.

It’s important to understand that in allowing a mountain to exist in our lives uncontested, for a prolonged periods of time, runs counter to what God has created us to be: A people who find our worth, not in our struggles, but in the victories that God has in store.

It’s with this knowledge that the word “settle” should be exiled from your vocabulary and the word “consistency” must take its place. Why? Because consistency is refusing to settle, to lay-back, or to roll over and die when a mountain comes your way. It’s showing up to that mountain with the declaration that you will outlast that mountain and see it fall before you do. The Bible acknowledges this as the apostle Paul encourages his protégé, Timothy, in this way,

“Be ready in season and out of season…Keep your head in all situations, don't be afraid of suffering for the Lord, reach out to the world, do work on everything God’s given you to do. As for me, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I have outlasted…” (2 Timothy 4. 2-8)

Consistency is realizing that hard times are no excuse for showing up to your mountains part-time. So I say to you (as I believe Paul would say were he alive today), “Man up (or woman up). Make a stand. Push the boundaries, take a risk, and be willing to never give up. Your soul was created to move mountains. It’s in your blood, it’s part of your spiritual heritage.

“I assure you, that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘MOVE,’ and it will uproot itself and be cast into the sea.”