Changing Lanes

Here it is—the inevitable blog about change.

You know, the one that's supposed to make you feel that change is the most spiritual thing you can do even though we all know that change is the last thing you want to do. Even now, a massive change is taking place among youth and young adults across this nation. It affects our schedules, priorities, and even our ministries. That change is wrapped up neatly in three little words:

School is starting.

And while parents everywhere are celebrating, many youth pastors are dreading. Why? Because our primary influencers are leaving, via mass exodus, to colleges and universities nationwide, thereby leaving us with an entirely new crop of students and an entirely new culture to shape. Think about it. You’ve spent the entire year (or two) shaping your youth culture to reflect the vision God gave you, and now the bearers of that vision are heading out your door. You may be asking yourself, How am I supposed to do this again? The answer is, you don’t. Your ministry doesn’t need a do-over. Your ministry needs a shift in balance.

Let me explain it this way, have you ever had everything go so perfectly in your life that you didn’t know how it could go any better? Your life was balanced, your relationships were balanced, and even your ministry was balanced. Then out of nowhere, it all begins to fall apart leaving you wondering where it all went wrong. In any area of our lives, and especially in our ministries, the answer to this is the same.

Your season changed, but balance stayed the same.

You see, with every new season there comes a demand for a new balance. The problems begin when we neglect to shift our balance from season to season, thus leading our ministries into a place of decline. Again, every new season demands a new balance, not a new culture. So as you go into this school year and as your ministry begins to feel the affects of that new season, simply identify the balance that won for you yesterday, make the necessary adjustments, and apply that new balance to today.

Know that the vision God gave you for your ministry finds it’s greatest realization as the years roll on, and this upcoming year’s culture will reflect that vision in ways greater than last year ever could. So, what’s your job? Trust the Holy Spirit with that culture, and steward the balance. The vision is current and God’s plan starts with you. You can’t live off of last year’s experiences, promises, anointing, and callings. A new season awaits and making that season successful is entirely in your hands. You got this.