Breaking the Cycle

Ever feel trapped in life? Trapped like you know that you have to change something in order for your life to become healthy and progress, but you never really end up changing the outcome. Trapped like your life is becoming stale, boring, and irrelevant. Why is this? Why is it whenever we feel the Holy Spirit begin to move us to change that it never seems to work out? We ask ourselves, Did I miss God, or worse, does God even want to use me anymore? Now before you type up that resignation, quit your job, and move to Seattle to become a barista, let’s pump the brakes a little and bring some clarity to this issue. When God starts to bring change to your heart He’s not asking you to recreate your life, He’s asking you to redefine it. Did you catch that?


For this to happen, there are three perspectives that I believe are absolutely vital as we lead ourselves into a place where we see our lives become healthy.

  1. Recall the Truth
    There have been more times than I can count where I wanted to quit because it was hard, even rationalizing that God was moving me on from what He has called me to and that I wasn’t God’s man for my context anymore. Know that if you believe that, you believe a lie. One of the most self-sabotaging things we can do is believe the lie fed to us by the Enemy that we are washed up and irrelevant. When we believe this, we take on a spirit of fear, and that spirit was never a part of God’s original design for our lives. It is here that we must refuse fear and doubt in favor of perfect love. Your calling is still sure, your gifts are empowered, and out of all the people God could have called to your context, He called you. Once you grasp this, it will change your process and infuse it with power and purpose.
  2.  Remember the Vision
    When we come to an impasse in our lives we often throw away the vision and start over. Whether we stop growing, become mundane, or lose momentum, we automatically assume that the original plan for our lives isn’t relevant. But before we allow that kind of thinking to take root, let’s not forget that the vision for our lives came from God. It’s just as good today as it was the first day you received it. Throwing away the vision for your life in favor of something else is like throwing away the Ark of the Covenant in favor of the golden calf. Don’t let the Enemy rob you of the very thing that first ignited the fires of passion in your heart. It doesn’t take you recreating your personal vision, just redefining how it works.
  3. Redefine the Process
    If you have the first two perspectives nailed down, this one will be easy. The most important thing in redefining the process is to ask yourself, Does my life behave in a way that reflects the vision God gave me? If it doesn’t, don’t change the vision. Instead, redefine the systems you have in place so that they reflect the vision. As a result, the correct behavior will naturally follow suit. The key is to never stop tweaking your systems until they create the behavior in you that honors the vision.

Hear me when I say that you have come too far and have invested too much to throw in the towel at this stage. Your calling is still necessary, and what God has given you is needed in your context. Never forget that you are God’s “Plan A” for the world He has placed you in, there is no “Plan B,” and He is absolutely cool with that. As you take those necessary steps in redefining your life and bringing health to it as a result, know that you do so with all of Heaven at your back and God’s purpose at your front and that you have it in you to bring health to the spiritual life of those around you.