Anchor Down

So it's been a little while since I've been a part of the blog scene. OK, it's been a LONG while. And even though I want to make up some great excuse as to why it's been so long (excuses like vacationing in Tahiti with the cast of The Avengers or convincing third-world countries why social media is so important to their livelihood), the reality is much less interesting than that and is really quite simple...

I've been in transition.

In fact, the past 5 months have been a constant state of transition for myself and my family. I traveled from Spain to Alaska and back to the Midwest all in the same month, resigned my position as Student Ministries Pastor after 7 years of ministry at a church I loved, sold a house, moved, started a new job as the Lead Youth Pastor of a rapidly-growing multi-site mega-church, bought a house, and am only now starting to settle into what I can only define as our "new normal."

Over the course of this transition I learned stuff, a LOT of stuff. Stuff like:

  • The call of God isn't always convenient, easy, or a golden path crammed with angels singing the Hallelujah chorus...but it's still the call of God.
  • People who you never thought would care will speak life into your transition while others you expected to help you through the process simply don't show up.
  • Tomorrow will rarely ever look like today and it definitely doesn't look like yesterday.
  • Transition makes you question things like your validity, your next steps, your faith, and your ability to lead.
  • You wonder if your greatest days are behind you.
  • You begin to feel that God is punishing you, or moving you away because you're in the way, or even that He is tired of you. 

Now at the risk of coming off sounding like an emo song written by a kid with too much time and teen angst, I am happy to say that my family is now rooted in a city we love, serving in a church we love more, and is surrounded by more people who support us than we ever could have imagined. And even though the transition was difficult, the arrival was sweet. It brought perspective as we realized that the anchors God told us to drop into the midst of the storm of our transition were there to keep us focused on Jesus and on His call in our lives.

Here are those 3 anchors that any person going through transition should drop:

  1. Speak What You Know To Be True
    It's easy to doubt in the darkness what God has told you in the light. We all know that when doubt creeps in, fear creeps in and if fear is present, love and strength is not. It's in those times of darkness and doubt that you need to call to memory the promises of God. Remember the words He spoke to you at the beginning of your transition and what He has promised you. Audibly speak them out so you can hear yourself say it, because if you can say it, then you can hear it, and then you can believe it.  And never forget that, as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 1.20, that, "All the promises of God find their YES in him."
  2. God Will Never Take You Where He Doesn't Plan to Sustain You
    I promise. Time and time again, throughout Scripture, we see the character of God shine through as He makes a way for His people. Isaiah 43.2 puts it like this, "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you." Notice that it doesn't say "IF you walk through the fire," it says, "WHEN you walk through the fire." Again, this doesn't mean that you won't walk through some pretty rough terrain, but it does mean that He will see you through it.

  3. You Are Moved So That You Will Grow
    One of the most invaluable things I learned in the midst of this transition is that sometimes our current context keeps us from claiming the next mountain top. There's comfort in the familiar and the pain of change is sometimes too great. But the reality is this: God often will bring transition into your life to grow you through something you normally wouldn't grow through so He can answer that prayer you prayed long ago. When you ask God to grow you, He is faithful to do so, even when it's not convenient to us and He will often use change to get the job done. 2 Timothy 2.13 speaks to this in saying that, "If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself."

So to those of you who are about to enter a transition in your life or are in the midst of one, I encourage you, ANCHOR DOWN and anchor deep. God is faithful and He knows the plans He has for you.