Young Pastors Gone Wild

Got your attention? Good.

I like being a part of things when they're new. There's nothing like the experience of seeing something begin and begin well. This past week I had the privilege of being a part of a brand-spanking-new movement called the "Young Pastors Gathering." In their words:

"Young Pastors is a community committed to equipping and resourcing young pastors for ministry, not just by inspiring them, but by providing them with tangible and practical take-aways, as well as actions steps for change."

I like the sound of that. It resonates with me because whether we are pastors in the church or leaders in the marketplace, none of us have all the answers and could use all the help we can get. That help came in the form of 5 people who both lead and follow; people who know what it takes to lead at a high-level and keep their moral compass intact. Here are my favorite moments that I took away from my time at Young Pastors:

Rob Ketterling on Spiritual Devotion

  • Apply what you read to your immediate day. 
  • It's not what you eat, it's what you digest. 
  • Prayer of Examine by St. Ignatius Loyola 
    • Pray and examine your day
    • Mentally go through your day, at the end of your day, and ask Holy Spirit to point out where you honored Him and where you grieved Him
    • Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you honored Him and grieved Him. 

Shawn Lovejoy on Overall Wellness

  • Our greatest assets, outside of God's lordship, can become out liabilities. 
  • When God isn't moving "fast enough" for us, we tend to get ahead of His plan. 
  • I'm not going to try and build this church faster than Jesus wants to build it. 
  • The problem with pastors is that we want to plant and harvest in the same day. 
  • Most pastors quit right before the harvest. 
  • Church growth isn't the product. It's the byproduct. 

Scott Wilson on Building an Effective Team

  • Clearly define the goal and provide the steps for your team to attain the goal.
  • Train up "leaders of leaders so that everyone might fulfill their God-given potential in the Kingdom.
  • Don't make people feel guilty if they don't serve.
  • Leadership is influence.
  • Relationship is all about caring with no strings attached.

Mel McGowan on Church Innovation

  • The world, and church, has divorced the concept of community from place when the majority of history dictates community as being tied to a people and a place. 
  • We aren't involved in leadership to be temple-designers; creating impressive atmospheres. We are well-diggers; creating places to connect. 

Peter Haas on Global Mission

  • Everyone has a missional sweet spot. If you focus on your sweet spot you will have a breakthrough. Ask yourself these 3 questions...
    • What are you genetically gifted to be best in the world at it? Not good, but great. 
    • What are you deeply passionate about?
    • What skills or activities bring in the greatest amount of revenue and resources?
  • If you put these 3 things in 3 intersecting circles, then the overlap will be your sweet spot. 

And that, my friends, is that. I'm going to be chewing on the meat from these conversations for months to come. I undoubtedly find that the value of learning from others is crucial to our own leadership growth process. I challenge you to be intentional about positioning yourself to learn from the voices of those you value. You won't be disappointed.

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